We weren’t born with a silver soup spoon in our mouth. It started in 1997 with two spice merchants who shared a love for soul-soothing soup. They believed that soup should be celebrated — and that clean, nutritious ingredients should be the norm. They called it Zoup!

Today, we’re Z!Eats.

We work hard to be better than “good enough” and we mix that passion into our clean ingredients nourishes the mind, spirit and body.

At Z!Eats we love to create delicious better-for-you options that keeps your body flowing. We offer a variety of menu options to mix and match our that can zatisy your creativity.

We hold ourselves to a high standard and we’re never content until our guests are zatisfied in every way. Our menu is as diverse and evolving as your palate. We want you to be happy and inspired. We want to you to feel welcome and then some. In other words, you can always count on us for everything you need to be zatisfied.



salad bowl illustration


We are committed to sustainability and caring for our planet. Our ingredients come from sources we know and trust.


We slice, dice and entice to create meals that energize your soul. At Z!Eats, you can always expect the deliciously unexpected.


We believe smiles and laughter are contagious. We are all about good food and good vibes. That’s an energy you can feel.


We aim to be ahead of the curve and find ways to bring unique foods to your diverse pallet. It’s comforting yet surprising.

Info graphic on what is zatisfied